Some Dos And Don’ts That You Should Be Aware Of When In Bangkok

Most of us plan a trip with family members and friends once in a while but on a tight budget schedule. In such cases, it is necessary that we cut down on some needs so that we can focus on some important things that should be done when in any vacation destination. Here are some tips for you to enjoy a budget-friendly trip to Bangkok, when in Thailand.

Eat Food in Food Courts and Streets

Every food tour website that you check about Bangkok will suggest you try some food items from roadside vendors and also from food courts. You will not only get to enjoy some tasty dishes while in Bangkok but can also meet people belonging to different ethnicity in a single place.

Avoid Meter-less Taxis

Every taxi that you take in Bangkok should be installed with a meter so that you will pay right for your trip in the city. Some drivers do not follow this rule and will have come up with their own set of taxi fare for different places. Hence, never ride in a taxi where there is no meter installation.

Pratunam Malls – Right Place for Shopping

If you enjoy shopping in budget-friendly places, then Pratunam mall is an ideal place. You will get to purchase some exclusive set of items and clothing from the mall for your dear ones back home. Some of the food tours Bangkok add the mall as one of the places that they take you on the trip.

Avoid Tuk-Tuk Drivers with Tuxedo Shop Suggestions

There are some Tuk-Tuk drivers who work in alliance with some of the tux shops in the city. If you find your driver suggesting you visit some tux places in Bangkok, then it is best to avoid such rides. The drivers will get some discount in these shops and even some vouchers for gas filling stations. You can learn about such tuk-tuk rides when you are on your Bangkok food tours.

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