Top cities for delicious street food

To get in touch with the finest elements of a local cuisine, there is no need to choose the city’s most sophisticated restaurants. He can simply spend less eating in open-air canteens, stalls and stalls, getting much more into the local gastronomic culture. But what are the  most special cities for delicious street food?

In street food, of course, it always comes – especially for those who are bothered if everything is clean enough. Here the answer is simple and generally convincing: see where the crowds are headed, locals and strangers and you will understand where you can eat well and safely.

Bangkok, Thailand

It’s hard to find half a square meter in the capital of Thailand that does not have an outdoor dining table. Street food is a way of life in this city, especially the “little hours” near dawn. Sit comfortably in the plastic stool they have and choose between noodles, meat or vegetable dishes. But keep a little room in your stomach for fruits and awesome desserts!

Where and how: In Chinatown, the Nang Loeng Market, around the Khao San roads, in the neighborhood of Saochingcha (near Bangkok Town Hall), among others. With 2.5 euros, one can enjoy two or three servings of Bangkok’s finest food.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv outdoor stalls are all you need to taste authentic vegetarian flavors. Falafel is widely regarded as the informal national dish of Israel. Sabich (a pie full of fried eggplant, egg and pickled sprouts) is actually of Iraqi origin but has already conquered the streets of Israel. You will find out from your own experience that the stedette food of the country is of good quality and at the same time “pure” according to the mosaic law …

Where and How: Along the Ibn Gvirol Street you will find a good farafel in Frishman Street and in the neighboring town of Ramat Gan for sabich. Six “falafel” balls on a pie (with a dessert and a salad) cost about EUR 3.5.

Istanbul, Turkey

Whether it’s the giant crumb bread (simit), the huge baked potatoes (kumpir) with a variety of overlays, either for döner kebap on a pie, balik ekmek (fish sandwich) or even baklava, the ubiquitous stalls are pleasant on the face even more so in the smell of hungry guests.

Where and How: In Karaköy and Ortakoy, two neighborhoods in the European part of the city, there are many streets and markets with itinerant vendors. At Istiklal Caddesi in the Taksim neighborhood, which is a pedestrian street, you will also “make your fortune”. A kumpir with all its glamorous charm costs about 3.50 euros, while a limit just 50 minutes.

Paris, France

As much as a meal in a French bistro, the same may be more interesting to try out the specialties of the “street” in the French capital. Bagels, the aforementioned falafel, crepes and other delicacies will not let you complain.

Where and How: In the neighborhood Quartier Latin, around Saint Michel, you will taste a warm baguette in Marais and in particular on Rue de Rosiers you will find delicious falafel and in the evening around Montparnasse you will buy scented crepes. The crepe costs about 4 euros, while a rich baguette with ham, cheese and other “goodies” reaches even 6 euros.

Mexico City, Mexico

The streets of the city of Mexico are overcrowded by stands for food. If you are afraid of the origin of the meat, choose the “green” solutions. Keep some appetite for Fruteros (fruit vendors) and Jugueros (juice vendors) to guarantee the freshest and most refreshing products from all over the country. Tip: For water, you only consume bottled water.

Where and How: The city center is full of stalls, but you will find it very well in the south, specifically Plaza de Insurgentes, Rio Sena between Reforma and Rio Papaloápan, as well as Ayuntamiento and Aranda in the historic center. The burrito can cost you around 1.50 euros and the tacos about 60 minutes a day.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is a great place either to go on vacation or maybe to have a great Bali wedding. The best place to taste street food is in Old Batavia, close to the waterfront. It reminds you why you chose this great city before you visit the island of Bali. The choices are many and they can satisfy the strangest traveler.