Those People Wanting to Work in the US Must Meet These Documents

Many individuals want to enter the US simply to work. Working in the US, a person needs to have one of these United States work visas.

  • “Permanent resident card” or Green Card
  • “Employment Authorization Document” or work permit
  • Avisa that is employment-related allowing a person to work for a specific employer

Various requirements

Each of the documents that are listed has different requirements for application. To apply for one of the documents above, you need to meet various requirements. If your application is approved the circumstances you should meet and how long you can work in the US will be conditional on having a Green Card, visa or work permit. It is vital that you observe all situations of your precise work authorization. If you disregard any of the circumstances, you can be removed from as well as denied re-entry into the United States.

Temporary Worker (Non-immigrant)

The worker who is temporary is a person who is looking for an entrance into the USA temporarily for a precise purpose. Non-immigrants enter the US for a brief time period and are limited to the activity of their non-immigrant visa.

Permanent Worker (Immigrant)

A permanent worker is a person authorized to live as well as work permanently in the United States.

Exchange Visitors and Students

Exchange visitors and students can, under some conditions, be able to work in the US. They must have permission from an official at their school.

Temporary Resident for Business

To enter the US for business you need to have a visa for business purpose (B-1 visa), if you are qualified for no visa under the “Visa Waiver Program”.

Information for Employees & Employers

Employers need to verify that a person they have plans to employ or to re-employ in the US is sanctioned to take employment in the United States. These people are those having been admitted as residents who are permanent, given asylum or have a status as a refugee, or granted non-immigrant work-related classifications, or might have employment authorization as a direct result to their immigration status.