Things to Do In Jakarta, Indonesia

A city with a population of over 30 million people must have a lot in terms of activities. However, instead of doing the same old stuff that everyone else does, you could put a twist in recreation and go out on a tangent.

Exploring the city might leave you reeling. The immensity of the place boggles the mind. Finding unusual things to do is no mean fit. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. When you find something unique that you can do here, you will find very rewarding.

Leave your luxurious hotel Indonesia Jakarta once in a while to venture out into the city streets. In a vast metropolis such as Jakarta, this is necessary.

Unusual Things to Do in Jakarta

You do not have to visit the usual tourist haunts while in Jakarta. In fact, you can get away from the crowds and do some unusual things such as the following:

Visit the Old Town (Kota Tua)

Kota Tua is a Dutch colonial district that is popular with tourists. It stands as a reminder of the city’s colonial past and has structures that were left over from the Dutch occupation. It is not what one would call a beautiful site since it was hit pretty hard during the 1998 riots. However, it is a historical site and as such it is important.

Apart from looking at run-down buildings, you can take a walk around and have a go at some of the street cuisines. You will also find some museums that you can visit to learn a little about the history of Jakarta. OnSundays, visitors are treated to magic shows and throngs of Indonesians dressed in what looks like Halloween costumes. It is a bizarre but interesting scene to behold.

Pasar Baru

The Pasar Baru is the oldest market in the city. It is a pedestrian-only area teeming with vendors selling their wares which include fabrics, flowers, and cameras. Visitors and locals alike mingle with Javanese, Chinese and Indian which gives them an amazing opportunity to sample all sorts of street delicacies.

This massive market dates back to 1820. It is a great place to go to not only partake of the food but also check out the old buildings. Some of them are not in the best state having been hit during the 1998 riots, but they give a deep and fascinating history of Jakarta. The market neighbors the Jakarta Cathedral and the national monument known as Monas.

Skye Bar

This rooftop bar is found on top of the 57-story building and surrounded by some of the modern skyscrapers. Skye Bar gives you the best view of the city. Jakarta’s skyline is phenomenal and a visit to the Skye Bar may just be the way to appreciate just how wondrous it is.

Seeing the world from on top of a 57-story building has to be amazing. It is a great way to spend a few evening and have a drink or two as you gaze upon the wonders of architecture.

Chinatown in Jakarta (Glodok)

Glodok is a market that reminds you of a maze thanks to the narrow alleyways where street food vendors line up with their wares on food carts.  Apart from the food vendors, you will find temples and stalls that house hawkers.

Visitors who are intrigued by the culture and history of Glodok would dig up a lot of information by walking around this market and talking to the locals.

Martabak Boss

Martabak is an ultra thick pancake that can be stuffed with just about anything. You will find one stuffed with chocolate sitting next to another filled with chicken. The Martabak Boss is literally a food truck and these can be found in several locations within Jakarta.

Visitors rarely leave Jakarta without indulging and this snack is good. It is a street food but with a modern twist added to it. With the wide variety of stuffing that goes into this snack, you might end up with some weird combinations. However, the glorious taste of Martabak cannot be denied.


Indonesia has become quite the tourist attraction in recent times and Jakarta is one of the destinations that tourists favor.