The Advantages Of UK Staycations

Heading out to a warm island to soak up the sun is never a bad idea. It allows you to enjoy new sights, lay on a beach, or simply tell the world about your latest adventures around planet Earth. However, it’s sometimes better to stay close to home for a “staycation.” Yes, a staycation in the UK is wonderful as it allows you to see everything this magnificent place has to offer including beautiful gardens, castles, and beaches.


1. From the aesthetically pleasing Holywell Bay in Cornwall to the majestic Barra in Scotland, the collection of beaches in the UK is easy to enjoy.

2. The UK is home to some of the world’s finest artists and this is a place where so much cultural value is on offer. For example, you can spend time enjoying a Shakespearean play at the Minack Theatre or even enjoying delightful musical pieces at the Battle Proms. It’s all about finding the right places to be to get your cultural fix.

3. There are many beautiful places in the Uk and some of these includes well-regarded lighthouses and historic railway stations that are spread from one end to the other. All of these are easy to access and allow you to stay in the UK! If you fancy a quiet retreat, why not make the most of the coastal cottages at St Davids

4. The UK also provides access to well-acclaimed sights such as the Stonehenge in Wiltshire or the Windsor Castle. Many love heading over to Hadrian’s Wall and the Tower of London while enjoying the local sights. These are not only some of the most beautiful parts of the area, but they’re also incredibly historic with great stories to go with their look.

5. Music lovers can rejoice as there’s always a good festival in the area including a heralded one at Glastonbury. Music lovers can head over to these festivals and soak up the great music all around them. For those who love to read, what about the Hay? Or for those who love to go to the theatre, it’s never a bad idea to think about Edinburgh. These places are well-reviewed for a reason and are often a tourist attraction on their own. The UK has always been about providing a little bit of everything whether it’s a bit of dancing or even eating pancakes. All of this can be done right at home!

6. There are so many unique customs that have developed over the years and you don’t have to go far to enjoy them. Whether it’s the food or dancing, you are always going to have something to do.

7. Camping is always a boatload of fun and there are multiple opportunities in the UK to go on your adventure. You can become one with the natural world around you as there are several elite campgrounds in the area.

8. For those ready to head out for a drink, the UK has some of the world’s finest pubs and is heralded for its commitment to quality drinking. Yes, this includes spending time at John Lennon’s old pub back in Liverpool or even heading out to London for a trip through the downtown core. You are going to have more options than you’ll know what to do with!

9. With a staycation, you are going to want to head out for a bit of a trip and there’s nothing better than local spa resorts. You can set up a spot and make the most of these resorts at the same time without having to leave. It’s all about making the moment your own and enjoying all that it has to offer right here in the UK.

10. The reason a UK staycation is the way to go has to do with all of these traditional highlights in the inner city. You can head out to the rolling hills or even take a look at some of the more beautiful architecture London has to offer. The historic nature of these buildings such as the Horniman Museum is what makes it impressive for everyone.

11. Sometimes going for a simple walk is all that you need whether it’s through Snowdonia or the charming Northumberland.

12. The food is always good in the UK and this includes a wide range of delicacies. You can enjoy high-quality fish and chips at the Quayside or go through a wonderful selection of international cuisines right in the heart of London.

13. For those looking to ski, you can head over to Scotland while those wanting to skydive, it’s time to head out to Devon. There’s always an adventure to be had!