Seven Reasons Why Fishing is Great For You

If you are feeling burnt out or down, it might be time you got back into nature. According to Niels Eek, a psychologist and the co-founder of self-development and mental wellbeing site Remente, spending some time in nature could be the key to enjoying better mental health.

In a recent statement, Niels says that the benefits of spending more time in nature have been researched and the results show that it is good for mental health. In one of the studies, published in the BioScience Journal recently, it was found that spending some time outdoors every day can, amongst other things, improve your self-esteem and reduce feelings of stress for up to 7 hours. According to the study, getting back in tune with nature can also help you be more present in the moment and mindful of self.

Reasons Why Fishing is Good For Your Wellbeing and Mental Health

Here is a look at some of the health benefits fishing has to offer and why, whether you are a weekend hobbyist or a match fisher, it is a great outdoor activity for improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

1. Keeps You Fit

When fishing your heart, lungs, and main muscle groups all get a good work out. Picking a fishing spot that is a 10-to-15-minute walk from your car is a great way to do some aerobic exercise. Setting your line, casting it off and reeling in hundreds of fish is no small feat in itself and will require some energy. And let’s not talk about the huge pike or carp you might catch while at it. Fishing engages the arms, core, back, legs, and shoulders. It is a whole-body work out minus the drama of working out in a gym – and chances are you’ve never even noticed it!

2. Fishing Outdoors Allows You to Enjoy Some Vitamin D

Even when the skies are grey and gloomy, and they often are, time spent outdoors will still mean that you get to top up your Vitamin D reserves. Vitamin D is essential in regulating the amounts of phosphate and calcium in our bodies, keeping our teeth and bones healthy. It is also known to boost the immune system and is linked to keeping depression at bay. Companies like Raho Carp Holidays can even offer some sunshine along with the relaxing fishing.

3. It Improves Concentration

According to some study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, spending time outside taking in your environment can help improve concentration levels. Spending time in nature walking under leafy trees or through open fields brings about some changes in the brain, something that will ultimately lead to improved levels of concentration.

4. Reduces Stress

Close to 40 percent of adults lie sleepless most nights due to stress. Being near a body of water or a river can help lower anxiety while instilling a sense of calm. More charities are now realizing this and have started to use fishing for its therapeutic benefits especially when it comes to treating PTSD and other mental health complications.

5. Helps Create Stronger Bonds

No matter how old you are, joining an angling club will mean that you’ve become a member of a community – it doesn’t matter if you just nod greetings to other anglers or you take part in various fishing competitions. You can join as many or as few communities as you like, but the idea of being around people who share the same interests and getting to make new friends is definitely a great way to spend your day.

6. Improves Self-Esteem

Fishing is all about setting personal goals and doing everything possible to ensure that you attain those goals is one of the best ways of improving self-esteem. Considering that fishing is a lifelong skill, it is an activity that you will enjoy doing even in old age. All anglers have fond memories of their first catch – ask one and look at how his eyes will light up when they are talking about it. It is also a great skill to pass on to others. Fathers and grandfathers taking their sons and grandsons out to local canals and teaching them how to hook flies and maggots is a great bonding experience. Spending more time with your loved ones will promote feelings of wellbeing and security, and fishing is one of accomplishing this.

7. Allows You to Unplug

While a lot of people prefer fishing over the weekend, we still see lots of after-work anglers trying to catch some fish along our fishing canals. Leave your computer, put away that phone, get away from your gaming consoles, and allow your mind to relax as you gaze upon gently sparkling water and try your luck at catching some fish.