Things to Bear in Mind when Settling your Baby to Sleep on Holiday

Holidays are fun and are often the best time to create a long-lasting family bond with fond memories. But sometimes, they can get a little overwhelming, especially if you are traveling with kids). There is the jet lag to deal with, then the new environment to adjust to and the excitement that doesn’t seem to cool down.

With so much going on, getting kids to sleep while on holiday can be a daunting task. In fact, some parents try to stick to their time zones even when the time difference is clearly visible. Others travel with blackout blinds to darken the room. So, the question now becomes, how can you get your kids to sleep in a new environment? Read on to find out.

Set a routine

The common mistake that many parents make is that they fail to stick to the regular routine while on holiday. Unfortunately, children tend to adapt to that freedom real quick. So, the best thing to do is to set a clear routine that the kids will have to adhere to throughout the holiday. Although this can be slightly flexible, it’s essential to maintain a familiar bedtime ritual even in different time zones.

Adjust with the weather

If your destination is hot, it might be a good idea to lightly cover your baby – even when in the shade. Don’t forget to keep your child hydrated at all times. If it’s an infant, you can breastfeed them on demand. When your child overheats during the day, they may find it hard to fall asleep in the night.

Create a familiar environment

Kids may have trouble falling asleep in an unfamiliar environment. For instance, if your baby sleeps in a cot back at home, they may find it hard to sleep in a bed. So you may want to ensure they sleep in a cot during the holiday too. And if they sleep in a different room, you can partition the space using a sheet or screen and so on. If possible, bring a favorite blanket, sheet, teddy, or pillow from their bed or cot to help with a familiar scent.

Bring a baby monitor

If you are like most parents, a baby monitor is one of the items that you buy for a nursery. This is understandable as it gives you a sense of security that your baby is safe. In addition to notifying you of any trouble, a baby monitor also wakes you up at night if the baby wants something or isn’t breathing. So, it might be a great idea to bring it with you so you can rest easy knowing your child is safe. But it’s important to be careful when using these devices.

That baby monitors can be defective is not news.  Just recently, there was Levana monitor recall which involved about 26,000 Levana wireless baby monitors of the Lorex CARE ‘N’ SHARE Series video, model numbers WL3520, WL3401 and WL4320. The batteries of these monitors would overheat and generate smoke, posing a burning danger to consumers.

Don’t share the bed

You may also be tempted to share your bed with your kids – but you shouldn’t, mainly if you don’t do that back at home. This is because you will have a hard time getting them to sleep alone once you travel back.