Running through rush hour in Toronto

Rush hour traffic in any city is bad and claustrophobic for any commuter. You would prefer to rather stay back at work than to get stuck in traffic on your way home. Or leave a little earlier for work than reaching late. The existence of smaller thoroughfares in the city with the lack of a major dividing highway is the key cause for most of the traffic jams in the city. The traffic in Toronto between 8 and 9 am one of the worst traffic in the country. Another peak is seen between 3.40 and 4.30 pm, followed by one in the evening between 5 and 6 pm. frequent traffic congestions at 3 points during the day are causing a lot of problems for the people.

Solving the problem – fewer cars on the road, lesser traffic

While it may not be the best solution, but if one out of five people were to consider getting rid of their vehicle and taking public transport, it would make a lot of difference in the city that is already overcrowded. One can also go for carpooling in case public transport is not convenient for them. Moving into locations closer to the workplace could be a solution although it might come at a higher cost. And in case you do have to travel outside the city or need a car for a couple of days, you can always rent them from the car for rental in Toronto. With a wide variety and options available, it does become convenient for those infrequent travelers.

Government-led solutions for managing traffic

The municipal corporation and the mayor have also identified the severity of the traffic problem in the city. Therefore, lately, a large number of steps are being taken to reduce the congestion. These include setting up a video camera for imposing fines on offenders, employing full-time wardens on major intersections to manage traffic on a regular basis and more prominently during the peak hours. In addition, the corporation also plans to add updates to the Waze app network to inform commuters of any delays and blockages on the roads. There are also additional teams being formed which will help with the fast clearing of any sudden obstructions on the highway which may lead to these gridlock scenarios.

These steps are sure to help with managing traffic in the near future, but each of us needs to do their part in the same – being a responsible citizen.