Ramakalmedu Viewpoint

Ramakalmedu is a hill station and stands at a stature of 3,500 ft above ocean level. Ramakalmedu offering an all-encompassing perspective of slopes and beautiful perspective of towns of Tamil Nadu. Ramakalmedu access by Thekkady – Munnar course.

Ramakalmedu incorporate spots like frog shake, turtle shake and the most noteworthy twin-statue in Kerala; called kuravan and kurathi. The place gets its name from the impressions of the feet found on the stone surface here, which is accepted to be of Rama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, as told in the Indian epic Ramayana.

Despite the fact that Ramakkalmedu has the potential for it to wind up a universal vacationer goal, and as of now draws in excess of 100,000 guests. Be that as it may, starting at 2015 very little had been improved the situation the change of fundamental offices adjacent. The administration of Kerala has reported plans to build up this visitor station by enhancing transportation offices with transports, redesigning of the Kerala police and different measures.

The landmark gives an all-encompassing perspective of Tamil Nadu towns and towns, including Cumbum, Theni, Kombe, Thevaram, Uthamapalayam, Bodinaykannor and Vaiga. Moving green slopes and the crisp mountain air make Ramakalmedu a captivating retreat. The view is striking at sunset when every one of these towns are lit. Rama – kal – medu truly signifies “Place that is known for Rama’s Stone” or “Land where Rama kept his leg” (Rama is a Hindu God in the epic Ramayana). One story says that Lord Rama kept his feet at the tip of Ramakkalmedu to seek Ravana the King of Lanka, who snatched his significant other Sita.

The statue by C.B Jinan was raised on the highest point of the slope in the year 2005. The statue portrays two authentic characters behind the development of the Idukki Dam. The stones of the Idukki dam are named after Kuravan and Kurathi, who helped specialists to locate the ideal place for building the dam. Consistent breeze is another factor which makes Ramakkalmedu interesting. Twist blows at a speed around 35 km/hour at Ramakkalmedu during the time regardless of the season and time.