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Rajkot History

Rajkot – one of the major cities of Gujarat, is developing rapidly as compared to any other city. And hence, Rajkot has been highlighted as the 22nd fastest growing city of the world. Moreover, Rajkot has administrative headquarters, controlling Rajkot district.

Previously, when Saurashtra used to be a “State”, Rajkot was it’s capital – since 15th of April 1948 to 31st of October 1956. Then it merged into Bombay State by 1st of November 1956. But later on from 1st of May 1960 – Rajkot was declared as the part of the Gujarat as the District.

The Thakore Sahib Vibhoji Ajoji Jadeja of Jadeja clan is the founder of Rajkot, who founded the city during 1620. Later on, Jadeja lost his battle against Mughal Empire by 1590 CE, the battle was known by the name Bhuchar Mori. So, he was sent to Delhi as a Prisoner under Jodhaji Soda – maternal uncle through Akbar’s wives. Then he joined force under Shah Jahan and married Vaghela Chief’s daughter. After Tahkore Sahib Vibhoji Ajoji Jadeja, his son continued his name as well as fame.

Rajkot – named after Raju Sandhi, who is said to be co-founder of the Royal State along with Jadeja in 1620.

Different Rulers:
After the rule of Thakore Sahib Vibhoji Ajoji Jadeja and his heirs, several rules ruled over Rajkot State and then it become Rajkot City – district. These rules includes Nawab Rule, Jadeja Rule, British Rule etc. until 1st of May 1960 -  on this day Rajkot was merged into Gujarat State from Bombay.

In the current scenario, after Ahmedabad – Vadodara – Surat, Rajkot is the 4th largest city of Gujarat state. By the year 2012, the population of the city was counted as was approximately 1.6 million. Rajkot city is spread over 104.86 kilometer square.