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Rajkot Culture

As we all know, Saurashtra is famous for Gujarati people’s hospitality and warm welcome for their guests, people of Rajkot are jolly and fun-loving. Also people from various villages and towns often visit Rajkot in terms of their daily job and wandering nature.
People – following so many religions can be found in Rajkot. There are more of Hindu, Muslim and Christian people in Rajkot. There are lots of famous temples as well as mosques inside the city. Also people from various religions visits some temples during their festivals and one can see crowds of people at several temples.
As people of different caste are living in Rajkot, all the festivals are celebrated cheerfully ad happily. Such festivals includes Makarsankranti – Kite flying Festival, Diwali – Festival of Lights, Holi – Festival of Colors, Id-E-Milad, Pongal, Christmas, Rakshabandhan etc. and many more festivals are celebrated every year. Also Navratri – a nine day festival is celebrating for worshipping goddess Amba by performing cultural dance. Several fairs are also organized occasionally.

Rajkot is also called as “Rangilu Rajkot” which means “Colorful City”. People of Rajkot has great taste for wide variety or food. Moreover, some famous food markets of Rajkot get closed by 3 – 4 PM, late night. Also some of the food items are so popular that, people specially wait for hours until specific shop to get open and eat their favorite food items. Some of the popular Gujarati food items includes Fafda – Jalebi, Khaman, Dhokla, Bhakhri, Thepla, Samosa etc. There are so many sweet dished, as Rajkotians loves sweets.
Art and Music
People of Rajkot are associated with art along with music since old times. Also, Rajkot’s own music culture – Dayro is famous internationally. Some of the theatres and cinema halls are available there, managed by non-profit organizations. People loves music, specially worshipping god and cultural dance form – Garba are played all the time. Gujarat has their own Gujarati Film Industry which makes Gujarat movies, even couple movies have been nominated for Oscars.