Most couples looking to get married, would prefer a large wedding so that all of their beloved friends and family members can attend the special occasion. However, many of these couples will shy away from having a large wedding owing to the number of problems they could encounter when planning for and managing such a wedding.

a. Financial strain

These problems include the financial strain of arranging an event with a huge number of guests invited. The costs of a big wedding will obviously be higher than that of a small ceremony. You are going to require a bigger venue, more food, and more service contractors, and these are just some of the reasons the prices go up as your number of guests goes up.

The best way to address the problem above is to set up a financial plan at least a year before the big day. The plan or budget should include an itemized breakdown of all of your intended expenditure for the entire ceremony.

You need to also have put a significant amount of funds aside for the ceremony. The amount will depend on the budget you prepare for the event. It is important to prepare the budget early enough so that if there is a shortfall of funds to meet the budget, you can look for alternative sources of the funds.

b. Management

It is also quite difficult to manage all of the service providers involved in making a big wedding succeed. Unlike a small wedding, you will require a large team of service providers, each providing a different service or goods for your wedding. Managing such a large team and ensuring that the provision of services is streamlined can be a big headache for couples. Sometimes arguments and spurts can occur amongst the contractors, and you will need to intervene quickly before they get out of hand as they have the potential to ruin your big day.

You might also lack the time to oversee all of the contractors’ activities.

To mitigate the risks above, it is imperative to hire a reputable wedding planner who will be able to oversee and manage all of the contractors. This professional has the experience to not only hire the best contractors for each event requirement, they are also able to ensure that all of the contractors do their work diligently, and are able to deliver quality services for your event.

The wedding planner’s experience also puts them at an ideal position to solve any problem or dispute that might arise.

c. Competing with others

Another major problem that couples face when planning a big wedding is trying to outshine other weddings they might have attended, or seen pictures of on social media, in newspapers and magazine publications. Trying to outdo these other couples when it comes to your ceremony can have a negative effect on your wedding budget, and the authenticity and uniqueness of your event. Comparing and competing with others can also cause a strain on your relationship with your spouse, your parents, and even your wedding planner.

To avoid the comparison trap, only have a big wedding for genuine reasons such as ensuring that the ones you love each have an opportunity to be a part of your big day. If you are having a big wedding just for the sake of the spotlight, then you have already started on the wrong foot.

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