Hot Springs Honeymoon on a Budget in British Columbia

First comes love, then comes marriage, finally the honeymoon, and suddenly we have a drained bank account! Weddings are very expensive and honeymoons are another cost that is rarely budgeted into the wedding cost. Many newlyweds on a tight budget can’t take the honeymoon of their dreams, but if your in or near the Canadian province of British Columbia, there are 2 amazing hot springs that are worthy enough of their own intimate and romantic honeymoon. These beautiful romantic destinations that are kind to your wallet.

One of the great features about British Columbia is its seclusion. It’s a vastly mountainous province so you can walk around in your sexy lingerie without worrying about a tower of condominiums facing you and seeing you in your sexy lingerie. You can bring your sex toys and vibrators without worrying about others hearing the buzz. You can enjoy that long-awaited marriage bed and have loud orgasms and no one will hear you. You’re newly married so let it all out! Express your sexuality together. Bring your honeymoon goodies and enjoy the seclusion, romance, passion and sexual intimacy of the honeymoon in interior British Colombia.

We need to target the interior because the coat along the ocean is heavily populated and the beautiful setting described above won’t work in the heavily populated areas. So we’ll travel inland along Highway 6 and discover the privacy and romantic setting of:

1. Halcyon Hot Springs

These natural hot springs are located in the interior on a high mountainside. You can see the lake from every cabin. The cabins are gorgeous and secluded, tucked into the forest behind the pools. It’s a self-contained area with restaurant and shops on site. Each cabin is a studio style with beautiful log trim. It gives you the feel of being in the mountains. Each one has a patio with lake view and 2 Adirondack chairs so you can begin your day sitting on your own patio drinking coffee. This is one of the finest secrets spots on all of the province. It’s very reasonably priced compared to the quality of accommodation. In the summer months, they have a cooler pool down below the hot pools because the temperature here gets quite hot. Prices start at $75 per night.

2. Ainsworth Hot Springs

Just one hour down the road, this hot springs features dark caves with stalagmites growing on the roof. It’s highly romantic because you can sit together in one of the cubicles in the cave and speak sweet nothings to each other. Talk about your future in the moist romantic secluded hot springs you’ll ever see. The hotel also has a gourmet restaurant on site which brings in rotating chefs and provides fancy dinners with wine pairing. Although the rooms are not as deluxe as Halcyon Hot Springs, this is a more budget oriented place. If if you don’t stay here, you can still come and purchase a day pass for the hot pool which is approximately $15. This is a perfect place to soak in the beauty of the caves for a few hours and worth a day trip on its own. Prices start at $50 per night.