Fun Things to Do in Menorca

When you arrive on the shores of Menorca after the hustle and bustle of Ibiza or Mallorca, you will quickly notice how the volume drops. Here it is more about the songs of birds than it is about Pete Tong. This easternmost Balearic island really moves to its own unique and mellow beat. The twinset of the sea-splashed cities, western maze-like Ciutadella and eastern Anglo-Spanish Maó are low-key and delightfully distinctive, along with the golden and white sand bays dotted along the 216km coastline make up some of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. The inland of this island is still distinctly rural, with around 70,000km of crisscrossing fields, dry-stone walls and the rolling hills located between the whitewashed villages.

1. Half-Day Catamaran Trip

Here you get to enjoy unspoiled coves and beaches, which you can only access from the surrounding sea. You can also enjoy snorkeling in the clear and clean waters that the Mediterranean has to offer.

These catamarans are ideal for singles, couples and even families. The surface, open-design along with comfortable hammocks provide a way for every person on board from babies to even the elderly that are in wheelchairs or reduced mobility to enjoy the trip in comfort. The crew also make each guest feel like they are a part of a team. When you sail on board one of these exclusive catamarans you get to discover a number of attractive spots. If you are looking for a way to break away from the daily rat race, rushing and around and the stress, this is the ideal opportunity.

2. Zoo Lloc de Menorca

Lcoc de Menorca is a great way to enjoy a truly memorable day along with friends and family, which offers a unique concept when it comes to zoo parks.

This is a zoo park that has a commitment to various enrichment programmes and environmental conservation which strives to offer a life of better quality for all the animals that live here. Every animal is a rescue case. One of the main attractions is an experience in the lemur forest, where guests are offered the opportunity to discover these curious and friendly animals. Other adventures include feeding the friendly goats or watching the mood and behaviors of the macaque monkeys.

3. Around the Menorca Island

Make sure you take advantage of discovering the more beautiful places around Menorca. You can learn so much with the expert guides on offer. Some examples include panoramic views from Monte Toro, which is the highest point of the island which sits at 358m, situated in the center of this island. Fornells is one of the fishermen’s village which is was made famous due to the water sports on offer and delicious lobster dishes. These guided tours also include a trip to S´Albufera d´es Grau which is a stunning Biosphere Reservoir, which offers an abundance of outstanding flora-and-fauna. Other trips include a boat trip exploring the most interesting and largest natural harbor in Europe. You can also learn about the 18th-century British legacy, the La Mola Fortress, King’s Island and the naval-base along with more.

4. The Evening Ciutadella Tour

At night you get to enjoy the vibrant and alive ambiance of this old port and town. Ciutadella is the former charming capital to Menorca. There are ample opportunities to shop and sightsee or a visit to the well-known harbor where you can dine “al fresco” along the waterfront. Make sure you pay a visit to the main square and cathedral. There is also an Artisan market that sells original souvenirs and gifts in the main square and old town. There are also ample opportunities to relax in bars and cafes. “This is the type of tour that you want to bring along your camera and wear comfortable shoes. This is a unique evening that will leave you feeling enchanted,” says The Spain Event, a Spanish destination management agency.

5. Half-Day Snorkelling and Kayak Excursion

The marine life in this bay is truly extensive which forms a portion of the Natural Reserve based in northern Menorca. On the tour, you will visit unspoiled places and coves that you can only access by kayak, like the Cala Blanca located on the south side of this bay. Other adventures include the cave known as the English man outside of this bay located towards the eastern side on the north coast of this island. Here you get to experience the beauty of a varied landscape. The sea is easy to discover by kayaks and snorkelling.

The kayaks are extremely seaworthy boats, and their characteristics allow them to go anywhere. They are light enough that you can stop at various beaches, enter into grottos and caves where the other boats are unable to access. This offers an entirely new experience and a way to experience nature at its best.