Experience Paro Tshechu Tour

Paro Tshechu is a popular festival in Bhutan. It features dances that are performed by trained laymen and monks in great costumes and Masks. Tshechu is one of the best ways to experience and feel the living culture of this country. It is a Buddhist festival that is performed to honor Guru Rimpoche. He was a saint who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan. In this festival, silk Thanka is unfurled. It covers the complete building and considered a sacred blessing. This tour takes advantage of the springtime growth along with stunning hikes via the countryside. In this travel to Bhutan tour, you can visit the sacred sites of Thimpu, Paro, and Punakha.

Highlights of the Paro Tshechu tour

Pato Tshechu is one of the major festivals in Bhutan. You can join the local people in this colorful festival that depicts the culture and faith of Bhutan. This tour explores the historical central and cultural valleys. Some of the major highlights of paro tshechu tour include the following:

  • You can view rituals and dances that are performed by laymen and monks in great costumes.
  • You can join the locals in this celebration.
  • You can see the unfurling ceremony of the thongdroel.
  • You can explore the central valleys of Bhutan comprising of sacred and rich Buddhist sites.
  • You can discover the Buddhist temples and monasteries in the Himalayas.
  • You can attend the Lamperi Rhododendron Festival.
  • You can experience the unique culture of Bhutan with village excursions and farmhouse visits.
  • You can visit several cultural attractions such as the Dzongs, museums, and markets.
  • You can view the Himalayan peaks that affords you sensational views.
  • You can traverse beautiful landscapes right from dense forests to lush valleys.
  • You can observe the ancient and elaborate carvings and wall paintings in temples and Dzongs.

Festival performances

In Paro Tshechu, masked dances are performed to celebrate the great deeds of the saint, Guru Rinpoche. The local people attend this festival to get merit and the visitors travel from far-away places to observe the display of old-age traditions, color, and tantric Buddhist rituals. This event starts with the performance of Shingje Yab Yum; the dance of Shingje-lord of death and his consort. Thereafter, Durdag is performed. It is a dance of the lords of a cremation ground. After this, there is the performance of Shanag, the dance of the black hats and also Drametse, a dance of the drums. These are some of the performances of this festival.