Education Needed for General Aviation or Working on Commercial Transport

Whether it is “commercial transport aircraft” or general aviation, the industry of aviation needs highly trained personnel to troubleshoot systems, manage hardware, repair airframe assemblies, and keeping up the powerplant or engine systems. ‘SIUC Aviation Technologies’ is one of the better schools in the United States. Their courses were created according to ‘Federal Aviation Administration’ (FAA) plans, with input from industry reps as well as alumni; the program delivers the vital skills and broad education involvement needed to flourish in today’s environment of competition.


Paths that are optional within the major provide a good deal of elasticity in preparing for a career in this industry. Students can follow the FAA ‘airframe and powerplant’ or A&P certificate in a 5 semester of class work, or they might finish the A&P together with added courses as a Bachelor’s degree in aviation technology.

Enhance training

The bachelor’s degree in this field is created to increase the training techniques for those students have only gotten aviation electronics or maintenance. This training may be acquired through SUIC, or some other post-secondary organizations, while in the military, or in as the case of more maintenance for aviation, at some alternative FAA approved schools of maintenance that are certified under ‘F.A.R. Part 147’.

Corporate Jet

‘AviationTechnologies’ traded their helicopter for a corporate jet to be able to teach training that is advanced for student. At other training facilities you will not find a Learjet, but ‘SIU Carbondale’s program’ hit the jackpot when they were able to add a corporate jet to their fleet. This program traded its ‘Sikorsky helicopter’ for a ‘Lear 24 fixed wing jet’.

Maintenance training

The jet will be used for training maintenance in ‘SIU’s Federal Aviation Administration’ federal approved aircraft tech training program. This adds even more to the training a good Aviation Tech can receive.