Driving to Michigan

It was my plan. I wanted to meet my old friend, she moved to Michigan USA four years ago from Vancouver Canada. I was staying Thunder Bay Ontario in that time. “Ok, I’ll drive to your home in Michigan, Jackson, and we can meet up” My car was old 4×4 Chevy Blazer but safety inspection was done perfectly so it was no problems. Long distance driving, winter driving. Finally I arrived Jackson and met my old friend. It was exciting that we could spend time together. We talked, “How about visiting Ikea on the way home to Ontario, can we go?” “Oh, nice” We were together in my car, I was driving highway 94 East heading to Ikea. Snow started. Just slipped a little. Hit guardrail. Stopped.

I didn’t drive fast so we were totally fine but my car’s bumper around headlights were broken. I had BCAA (Canada) connected to CAA USA. My car was towed. There were not good electrical car repair shops compare to city I live. “Gosh, it takes time to wait parts to arrive. Which one to go.” First shop my car was towed there said that “Contact your car insurance in Canada first” Later, I found that car insurance registration system between Canada and USA is completely different. In BC Canada, we don’t have “Title” to register car insurance. USA, it’s called “Title” for car registration.

You think you can scrap the car in Michigan with California car plate or Canadian car plate? Answer is “No”, you can only scrap the car with definite Michigan plate, you need to have a Michigan title. It’s really difficult to obtain title document papers if you don’t live there. Make sure that you check your car insurance what you are covered when you drive Canada and USA. Snowstorm hits somewhere all of sudden, its winter driving!! Take care.

By Zukaplanet