Best Spa and Massages in the Orient – Kalapa Spa at Sibsan Spa Luxury Hotel

The pressure and stress of our daily life throw both our body and mind off balance. High blood pressure, increasing of palpitations of the heart and immune system that is weakened are often the price that we pay for our everyday lifestyle. With such disturbance in our bodily systems, both our mental and physical health is affected by boredom, depression, low self-esteem and feelings of being unhappy.

Oriental Spa

Kalapa Spa is a haven of pampering and tranquillity. The oriental spa kindness is condensed into the quality as well as an experience of treatments and rituals planned to soothe, stimulate, and invigorate the senses.

Signature treatment

With oil lanterns, candles that are soft flickering, and Thai Lanna teas with true delicacies, Kalapa Spa signature treatment are meant to be enjoyed within its own recollection of Thai Lanna setting. The body and the mind are two sides of the same coin; both must be nurtured and neither neglected. At Kalapa, an emphasis is placed on the need to keep a balanced contribution to the energy that allows a person to cope with such daily stresses forever.

Kalapa for Eternal

This is what Kalapa for Eternal is and what they would like to share with everyone. For more information contact the best luxury boutique hotel in Chiangmai which is Sibsan Spa Luxury Hotel.

Luxury Hotel in Thailand

If a trip to a spa luxury hotel Chiangmai is your favorite part of traveling in Thailand, you will love this comfortable vacation destination – Kalapa spa. Their professional therapists are ready to fulfill every design by selecting the perfect treatment for you. At our five-star luxury spa hotel, calming treatments, soothing massages and peaceful relaxation will be your main priorities.

“Kalapa Spa – A Place Where Mind, Body, and Soul Become One”

  • Kalapa Signature Massage (Signature Aromatherapy Oil) for 90 min/1,890 THB. The combination of aromatherapy oil massage and deep tissue massage techniques while using Kalapa’s Signature aroma oil blends guarantees an indulging fashioned for complete renewal.

  • Kalapa Signature Thai Massage – 60 min/1098 THB as well as 90 minutes and 120 minutes for options. The Thai Massage has made its way into traditional healing practice of the Orient. With pressure applications that are firm and no oil, assisted manipulation and stretching releases any blockages of energy to allow circulation improvement, leaving you feeling limber and completely relaxed.