The Advantages Of UK Staycations

Heading out to a warm island to soak up the sun is never a bad idea. It allows you to enjoy new sights, lay on a beach, or simply tell the world about your latest adventures around planet Earth. However, it’s sometimes better to stay close to home for a “staycation.” Yes, a staycation in […]


Seven Reasons Why Fishing is Great For You

If you are feeling burnt out or down, it might be time you got back into nature. According to Niels Eek, a psychologist and the co-founder of self-development and mental wellbeing site Remente, spending some time in nature could be the key to enjoying better mental health. In a recent statement, Niels says that the […]


Top Things To Do This Summer In Cairo

With a sun that never quits from, 5 am to 8 pm, and scorching temperatures, summertime in Cairo is when a mass exodus takes place for anyone who can afford to escape to a coastal retreat. However, if you would like to experience the city during those hot months, especially if you’re visiting as part […]


The 27 Best Things to Do In England

England is a fascinating and exciting country, where there are a plethora of options available for any budding traveler. Here, we list 27 of the best things to do when visiting England. 1. Read a book at the Bodleian library – Indulge in some great literature at the famous Oxford library. 2. Live a day […]


Things to Do In Jakarta, Indonesia

A city with a population of over 30 million people must have a lot in terms of activities. However, instead of doing the same old stuff that everyone else does, you could put a twist in recreation and go out on a tangent. Exploring the city might leave you reeling. The immensity of the place […]


You Should Travel. Here’s Why?

Have you ever noticed how healthy travelling is for your heart and mind? If not, it’s high time you do. You’re never too young or too old to hit the road on an utterly life-changing adventure. You should travel. Even if you don’t have time, or you’re stuck with your studies or career, or anything […]


Hot Springs Honeymoon on a Budget in British Columbia

First comes love, then comes marriage, finally the honeymoon, and suddenly we have a drained bank account! Weddings are very expensive and honeymoons are another cost that is rarely budgeted into the wedding cost. Many newlyweds on a tight budget can’t take the honeymoon of their dreams, but if your in or near the Canadian […]


Top five Remarkable attractions in New York City

The attractions in New York City do not seem to hold back. From the Statue of Liberty to the Central Park, Chrysler Building to Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge to the High Line and from Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Theatre District, there seems to be no limit to what one can do or […]


Tips For Finding Out The Perfect Vacational Rental

It is a fact that having more space means having more fun for any of your family vacations. Finding out the perfect vacational house for rent is extremely important. Cramming up the whole family in one small hotel room does not exactly spell out an awesome vacation. This is why finding out various home rentals […]


Best Spa and Massages in the Orient – Kalapa Spa at Sibsan Spa Luxury Hotel

The pressure and stress of our daily life throw both our body and mind off balance. High blood pressure, increasing of palpitations of the heart and immune system that is weakened are often the price that we pay for our everyday lifestyle. With such disturbance in our bodily systems, both our mental and physical health […]