7 Things To Consider Before Making Reservations For Your Honeymoon

The hustle and bustle of planning a wedding can be draining. You have to attend to multiple things all at the same time, an experience most people end up very tired at the end of the day. This is the reason why a honeymoon sounds just right, right after the big day. Choosing the perfect honeymoon destination isn’t however as easy as many people think. Lots of factors have to be put into consideration before settling for that elusive getaway. Some of the things to consider when picking a honeymoon destination include the destination itself, weather, mode of transport, and the budget of course. Outlined below are a few tips and ideas to help you make the right choice.

1. Choose When You Want To Go

When do you plan to go for the honeymoon? This should be the first question that pops in your mind when planning for or making reservations for the honeymoon. Although most people will want to go for a honeymoon immediately after the wedding, some couples choose to go for a few weeks or even a month after the wedding day is out of the way. This helps them save and plan for the honeymoon even better. Choosing to go a few days or weeks after the wedding reduces pressure on the bride-to-be. Choose the D-day wisely to avoid any inconveniences.

2. How Much Have You Budgeted For The Honeymoon?

Determine how much you are looking to spend on the honeymoon before picking a destination. With the honeymoon budget set, you can start researching destinations and hotels that fit your price range, such as a luxury Ecuador holiday or a simple Spanish getaway. Look for hotels that offer additional perks to help you save some more.

3. How Far Are You Willing To Go?

New Zealand may seem like the perfect honeymoon destination for anyone living in the UK or Ireland. While the country has more fun destinations to offer, you have to factor in light duration, time difference, and possible jet lag before choosing this destination. It takes approximately 23 hours for a flight from the UK to New Zealand, a factor you might want to re-think and especially if you only have 2-weeks of free time for the honeymoon. How far away the destination is, is one of the key factors to consider before making the final decision.

4. What Do You Really Need For The Honeymoon?

Take some time to discuss and factor in how much touring activity you want during the honeymoon. While you can still choose between a beach honeymoon, a city break, or an infused trip, how much you are willing to travel around is something worth discussing with your partner. If you simply wish for a quiet, relaxed honeymoon away from home, you can then go for a beach honeymoon for the first few days to wind down.

5. Take School Holidays Into Consideration

As important as the weather is, you still need to think about the school holidays and the possibility of finding families and kids in your dream honeymoon destination. Most people take their families for a vacation during school holidays, a factor you need to think of carefully before making the final decision. For those looking for a romantic adult-only honeymoon, deciding to go before schools close would be a wise idea.

6. Consider vaccinations and any other jabs

This is particularly important if travelling farther away from your home country. Book an appointment with the doctors to get any necessary jabs to avoid falling ill while on your honeymoon. Experts recommend doing this a few weeks before the big day. Aside from vaccinations, you might want to take antimalarial tables seven days before the date of departure. This reduces the risk of contracting malaria while abroad.

7. Have more than one destination to consider

Whether deliberating between a relaxing time spent on the beach and an action-packed sightseeing adventure, it is important to have more than one options on the table. You might even be able to combine a couple of destinations into one to suit your style and preferences. The best thing about having a multi-centre honeymoon is that you get to experience both of the worlds without spending too much in the process. You can even visit several resorts, destinations, or countries during your honeymoon – this however requires proper planning.