Holland, Your Ultimate Destination for School Football Tours

Football is a favourite sporting activity in Holland and is usually played in teams of all ages throughout the country. Thus, wherever you go, you are likely to find groups of football players, and regardless of your ability level, you are sure to enjoy the match. Holland is famous for hosting numerous youth football tournaments […]


Gami Chicken and Beer: Taste the Heavenly Korean-styled Fried Chicken there’ll ever be!

How do you like your Fried Chicken? How do you define a good and tasty Fried Chicken? Is battered, seared, rotisserie, crunchy, delicious, or finger-licking great? Or is it all of those in one? All of those are contained in a single fried chicken in Gami Chicken and Beer – the unmatched restaurant when it […]


Those People Wanting to Work in the US Must Meet These Documents

Many individuals want to enter the US simply to work. Working in the US, a person needs to have one of these United States work visas. “Permanent resident card” or Green Card “Employment Authorization Document” or work permit Avisa that is employment-related allowing a person to work for a specific employer Various requirements Each of […]